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When traveling for leisure or business none of us are planning to get sick or even get to the hospital.

Seems like the stories about travel insurances, bad luck and emergencies are always about someone else, but not us… This is why it's especially important to be able to rely on a professional company for managing the case when something unexpected or bad like this suddenly happens. People usually get totally lost and discouraged, not knowing what to do and where to go. Our professional case coordinators are always ready to help and will provide guidance and help in challenging situations.

Through our well-developed network of medical providers, we can arrange any type of outpatient treatment, and even hospital admission if necessary. We will keep patient's relatives informed about the medical condition and provide access to cashless medical services.

In case traveler needs a medical escort to travel back home our professional team of doctors would accompany patient to get back to his home country. All travel arrangements, including special needs, tickets, ground transportation would be arranged by AP Companies specialists.

Travelers Support

Medical Assistance Worldwide

Healthcare Insurance Assistance Program includes the following levels:

  • Insurance Policy validation
  • 24/7 Medical Assistance
  • Medical Examination
  • Direct Billing Arrangements
  • 24/7 Call-Center Informational Support
  • Making appointments with the GPs and Specialist
  • Hospitalization Arrangements
  • Ambulance
  • Transfer/ Evacuation arrangements
  • Repatriation arrangements

AP Companies is able to guide travelers who faced health problems while abroad:

  • Hotel visit or house call
  • Outpatient treatment and specialist consultations
  • Delivery of medications
  • Inpatient treatment

Arranging return of children to the country of permanent residence that found themselves unattended abroad:

  • An attendance of a patient's relatives in case of hospitalization while abroad
  • Hotel accommodation for relatives of an admitted patient
  • Information on vaccination in Russia and abroad
  • Cost Containment
  • Medical Transportation

Medical Evacuation

In many cases, an injured person needs further treatment at the place of permanent residence and properly arranged medical transportation that will not cause any complication.

AP Companies is able to arrange urgent medical transportation, which may require (depending on the medical condition) ICU specialist, orthopedist or nurse escort, stretcher, extra and/or special medical equipment. AP Companies has in its staff ICU specialists, ambulance paramedics and nurses.

Types of medical evacuation:

1) Evacuations with non-medical escort, i.e., without doctor or nurse escort. The ones are arranged if there is no or low risk of complications during transportation. As a rule, such evacuations will follow various surgeries, e.g., abdominal surgeries, orthopedic surgeries and during rehabilitation after acute condition when the further stay in the country is not justified by medical reasons: infectious diseases, exacerbation of chronic diseases, etc.

2) Evacuations with a medical escort, i.e., with doctor or nurse escort. The ones are arranged at the period of acute condition, after trauma and surgeries when there is a high risk of complications during transportation. The medical staff is supplied with medical equipment and medicine for rendering emergency care.

Medical Assistance System has three types of transportation in itself:

  • Ground transportation: ambulance car or train.
  • Water transportation: ships, ferries, boats, etc.
  • Air transportation: planes, helicopters.
  • Based on our experience of patient transportation from abroad, evacuation by air is the most frequent. Transportation of patients is carried out by regular flights and by special medical jets - air ambulance. Evacuation by regular flights requires special stretcher unit, oxygen, IV unit, infant incubators, etc. onboard. Besides, in this case, the patient is to fly together with other passengers, and this, unfortunately, is not comfortable.

Air ambulance is a specially equipped medical jet: a stretcher unit, oxygen equipment, monitors, a defibrillator, etc. Such planes may transport a person who is even seriously ill. The medical crew consists of highly efficient ICU specialists and nurses. Another advantage is the opportunity to get moving within extreme deadlines and without fuel stops (flight connections) so common for regular flights.

Despite all disadvantages of evacuations by regular flights, this type of transportation is the most frequent nowadays. The crucial factor is low prices and rapid arrangement.

AP Companies duty doctors usually receive elaborate medical information directly from a treating doctor and decide on the type of transportation concerning the patient's condition.

Repatriation of Mortal Remains

AP Companies is able to arrange repatriation of mortal remains to the country of permanent residence.

AP Companies Alarm-center operators are trained to provide an exact and professional advice related to health system worldwide. Our duty doctors are available for 24-hour-telephone consultations

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Each of our Clients has a direct access to our on-line provider database – the Portal. The Portal it's our own database of providers all over the world, developed in a way to give you and your insured access mode on-line to the full list of providers, in the regions where AP Companies provide services.
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