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Mental health is an important component of physical well-being.

Psychological disorders are complex, multi-dimensional and expressed in multiple ways, often combining psychological, behavioral and physical symptoms. They range from non-severe, short episodes which can be treated, to long-lasting, life impacting illnesses and may manifest as an acute, possibly life-threatening crisis. Depression can lead to suicide - a tragic loss of life resulting from a situation that might have been prevented or resolved.

AP Companies provides special service for expatriates and seafarers:

Mental Health Solutions for expatriates.

Our multilingual specialists are fully trained psychologists, certified for psychological online counselling specialized for international patients, expatriates and globally mobile individuals.

The service includes:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Emotional support
  • Help in preventing and managing stress while adapting to a different country, language barrier
  • Stress relief techniques such as relaxation, meditation, breath techniques, mindfulness and others; education on the techniques that help to promote mental health such as emotion awareness, reframing, etc.

Mental Health Solutions for seafarers.

While providing psychological support and advice on fighting depression and preventing stress and anxiety, the ship owner will hugely contribute to wellbeing and safety on board, avoiding tragedies.

There are several research studies that have proven the effectiveness of psychological intervention, both short and long term.

Mental Health Solutions include

For seafarers:

  • emotional support
  • help on preventing stress disorders and depression
  • help on handling difficult or traumatic events
  • working on self-esteem
  • educating on setting personal objectives, etc.

For managers:

  • assistance on how to identify the person with anxiety or depression and consequently how best to assist the crew member going through a traumatic event or personal crisis
  • psychological First Aid training
  • education on stress prevention measures for the crew members
  • support on techniques that stimulate positive social interaction within a multicultural team
  • 24/7 psychological helpline available in English, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian (other languages under special request)
  • Individual Therapy
  • Psychological First Aid training for managers
  • Seminars on specific Mental health matters for the staff

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